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The Unfinished Spelling Errors of Bolkien

The Denethor Song...Lyrics

Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising.
Higher and higher now, it's burning through all my clothes.
My Hobbit's getting worried, I suppose that isn't surprising.
But he's just a servant, and servants should do what they're told.
So pile the wood and the oil up higher,
I'll build a better class of pyre,
I'm gonna set my ass on fire,
I'm your burning lord.
I had two sons, one of them's dead and one's dying.
Boromir's gone now, his horn has been cloven in two.
So to keep them together, it looks like young Faramir's frying.
A family barbie, it's the least that a father can do.
But, before I get us roasted,
I'll drink a drink to the deeds he's boasted,
And when I toast you, you stay toasted,
I'm your burning lord.
I lost all hope in the movie, it was quite distressing.
Whereas in the books, Sauron messed with my mind and then...
I couldn't get accurate news how the war was progressing.
He programmed my Palantir to only receive CNN.
And though Tolkien didn't rate me,
Jackson must really hate me,
He didn't just immolate me,
He threw me off a cliff.
Well the doctor said if I kept eating that fast I'd get heartburn.
I've gotta admit, I didn't think it would be quite this bad.
But let it not be said that Steward of Gondor, he can't learn.
And the moral here is "don't listen to your dad if he's mad".
And now I must demand my last cue,
I outrank you but I won't outlast you,
So salute as I... plummet past you,
I'm your burning lord.
I'm just a hunka-hunka burning lord!
I'm just a hunka-hunka burning lord!
I'm just a hunka-hunka burning lord!
I'm just a hunka-hunka burning loooooooooooooooooooooooooord...